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Conversations for Change @ Downtown

Conversations for Change @ Downtown

Conversations for Change are designed to foster greater understanding among individuals who may have different viewpoints. Participants in these small group conversations, guided by a trained host, practice being open and curious about all perspectives, with a focus on learning from one another.

Space is limited. Registration is required.

Prior to registering, please review the Conversation Agreements.

Project Connect is a group of actively engaged citizens who care about bridging divides in our community as a means of preserving our democratic republic and the flourishing of our country. It is a Finding Common Ground team associated with Santa Cruz Indivisible.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019
5:30pm - 7:30pm
Downtown Upstairs Meeting Room
  Civic Engagement     Discussion Group  
Registration has closed.

Climate Change: How Is It Affecting Our Community And Should We Be Worried About It?

It’s time to change the climate of our conversations by not huddling under our umbrellas only with those who think what we believe is true! Let’s be brave enough to listen curiously to a broad spectrum of our fellow citizens’ views about the climate of our earth. In this Conversation for Change we can share our interests, intentions and goals about our changing climate.

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