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Take Back Your Power: Spoken Word Poetry Event

Take Back Your Power: Spoken Word Poetry Event

The topic of self-empowerment is the nucleus of this poetry collection by author Zainab Hussain. The title, “Boundless”, represents the boundlessness of one’s personal power. Join Zainab in reclaiming your power by centering your narrative around yourself rather than others in this reading and workshop.

The performance begins with a brief introduction and a summary of the content of the book’s preface, followed by poetry readings. Zainab will begin with two poems from chapter 1, and then another one or two poems from chapter 2. Background music sets the mood for the audience to captivate themselves in the performance.

Poetry Workshop

After the reading performance, the audience is invited to participate in a guided poetry writing workshop on the theme of “taking back your power”. Supplies, including paper and writing utensils, will be provided. Zainab will answer questions/provide feedback. Depending on the size of the group either some or all the attendees can share their poem with the group. We can either write freestyle poems or poems following a specific convention (e.g. ekphrastic, limerick, haiku).

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About Zainab Hussain

Zainab has been writing poetry for over a decade. Following the launch of her multimedia poetry platform: “Stories Untold: Poetry for The Soul”, Zainab’s book, “Boundless” was published in 2023. Zainab’s poetry centers around embracing vulnerability, practicing self-love, navigating social issues and most importantly, healing trauma through self-expression. Zainab's poetry has been published or is forthcoming in La Raiz Magazine, Beneath the Mask Magazine, Rising Phoenix Review and Written Tales Magazine. Zainab is a proud Muslim Woman, a Multilingual, Multi-ethnic Immigrant, a Person with Disabilities and Conqueror of mental illness, all of which contribute significantly to her work.

Saturday, April 27, 2024
2:00pm - 4:00pm
Ow Family Community Room
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