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Bring Your Own Book (BYOB) Reading & Discussion Group

Bring Your Own Book (BYOB) Reading & Discussion Group

Join us at the public library for an engaging and dynamic book group experience: Bring Your Own Book (BYOB). This innovative program encourages participants to bring along a book of their choice and share their thoughts, insights, and perspectives with fellow readers. Whether you're passionate about fiction, non-fiction, classics, or contemporary literature, BYOB Book Group welcomes all genres and interests.

How It Works:

  1. Choose Your Book: Select a book that you've recently read or have been wanting to discuss. It could be a novel, biography, memoir, poetry collection, or any other genre that interests you.
  2. Bring Your Book: Arrive at the library with your chosen book in hand. Make sure it's one you're eager to share and discuss with others.
  3. Engage in Discussion: Once everyone has gathered, participants will take turns sharing their thoughts on their chosen books. This could include favorite passages, character analysis, thematic elements, personal connections, and more.
  4. Respectful Exchange: Engage in respectful and open-minded discussions with fellow participants. Share your perspectives while also listening attentively to others' viewpoints. This is a space for lively literary dialogue and exchange of ideas.
  5. Discover New Reads: Explore a diverse range of books and genres through the recommendations and discussions of fellow participants. You might just find your next favorite read!

Whether you're a voracious reader or just starting to delve into the world of books, Bring Your Own Book (BYOB) Book Group offers a welcoming and inclusive environment for lively literary discussions and discovery. Join us at the library and let's celebrate the joy of reading together!

Friday, April 19, 2024 Show more dates
11:00am - 12:30pm
The Betty Leonard Community Room
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